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David C. Ashley

  • I’m a VISIONARY. It took me a while to accept the title of Visionary, but if you look at the visionary pages, I think you will see why. Also, I just started the American Visionary Society that you will hear more about later. www.americanvisionarysociety.org
  • I’m also a dedicated ENVIRONMENTALIST. I believe strongly in the worth and dignity of all living things and of the planet, its natural resources and sun that supports us all. Right now we are using up our precious resources as fast as we can, not paying the earth and sun for what we take and assuming we have a God given right to do so. THAT’S WRONG. I’m trying to help do some positive things to help correct this.
  • I’m also a WRITER. Being an architect, visionary and ENVIRONMENTALIST prepared me with a creative spirit to also become a writer. My primary novel, THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF JESUS, expresses these collective goals.
  • Occasionally I still practice being a very creative ARCHITECT who won many design awards and practiced what he preached in creating enviromental architecture. I am an emeritise founding partner of Ashley McGraw Architects in Syracuse, NY.
Please visit my other web sites: www.fantastic-ideas-for-syracuse.org,  My email is davidcashley at gmail.com. I value your comments.

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